A Brief Introduction to Dry Cleaning Services

Published: 11th March 2011
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Most Houston residents find dry cleaning services useful. Most dry cleaners can guarantee their work and many offer stain removals for a wide array of clothing items. Some dry cleaners even offer dry cleaning services that can be finished in an hour so their clients can use the clothes just a short while after they bring them in for dry cleaning.

Many years ago, when the concept of dry cleaning was relatively new, the process used a mixture of gasoline and even kerosene to clean clothes. Later on, most dry cleaners started to use a chemical called perchlorethylene or perc. This said solvent is useful in taking out stains and oil out of clothes without leaving any odor.

As environmental awareness began spreading in the dry cleaning industry, some dry cleaners now choose to use carbon dioxide as a greener way to clean clothing items. Machines for the green dry cleaning process combine pressure and carbon monoxide to lift stains and remove dirt. If youíre curious to know more about dry cleaners, consider the following Q&As to guide you.

How much is a dry cleaning service?

Most Houston dry cleaners charge a different fee. Some services charge a higher fee because of the equipment they use while others may offer discounts. Although fees may be a big factor to consider in getting services, you should also consider the quality that the cleaner provides.

How can I know that Iíll get quality services?

You should check the results of your laundry after the supposed good quality dry cleaners Houston gives you your clothes back. Your clothes should not only smell good, they should also look good. There should be no stretching, fading or discoloration in your clothes when the shop turns it over to you unless the clothes were already in the said condition when you brought them.

What other services can I get with the dry cleaners?

A Houston dry cleaner may sometimes offer to mend tears on clothes when you get their services. Other cleaners offer pickups and deliveries of clothes at no extra charge, especially if youíre a frequent customer. Some dry cleaners also perform traditional laundry wherein they use industrial grade washers and dryers to wash your clothes instead of using dry cleaning equipment and products.

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